Sep / 25

About Artist George James


Hello everyone. I am George James a skinny guy living in California. For me everything has an art on it. If you will try to look at the things around you, you will find out that they have their own distinctive design. Art is everywhere, which is why I became an artist. I easily appreciate things like the beauty of nature, the way people dress up, various home decorations, and anything that is related to art. With my fascination with art, I have already tried different mediums in making my masterpieces. I have used pencils, recycled materials, coffee, and a whole lot more.

How to Become an Artist


The main reason why I am here now is to share with you my blogs about the techniques that I have learned in drawing. If you are an artist, it is just normal if you are always interested in trying new stuff. You are not afraid to experiment with things around you because you know that you can use them for your masterpiece. This is when creativity takes place. Anyone can be an artist like me so I will try to encourage people to show off their artistic quality.

One of the blogs will explain to you the different forms of art. You might not know that you are already an artist with the things you do. You only have to enhance your skills. But you don’t have to worry about it because I will provide you information on how you can improve your creativity. For people who make use of pencil and paper, you can read my blog about the proper shadings and effects. You can also find here how to create stuffs like a scrapbook or decorations from recycled materials.

I am here to inspire people to pursue their talents as an artist. Well, it is not a boring activity because you can use it in making money. You can draw in a canvass and then sell it. All the things written here were proven because I have tried them all so you don’t have to doubt if it is helpful or not. For the aspiring artist out there, you can share your ideas about art. And for those who have questions in mind, you can freely leave your message on the contact page and I will give you the answer as soon as I read it. Enjoy reading my blogs on aumetro¬†and become a famous artist in the future.